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Thought should post this on my blog detailing how to properly care for natural hair to ensure growth and strength.
 Most people miss these simple and key points. Caring for natural hair isn’t as hard as you all think when you have a little guidance.

First let’s see various hair types 
Type 1: straight hair
Type 2: wavy hair, it can either be 2b or 2c depending on the intensity of the wave
Type 3: curly hair, this type can be either 3a, 3b or 3c
Type 4: very tight curls, again it’s either 4a, 4b or 4c and generally does not have defined curl pattern


Always wash your hair with a shampoo and a conditioner, also don’t be tempted to wash your hair often as it causes hair dry out.
Another thing to consider is to wash your hair with warm water followed by a rinse of cold water, this makes your hair shiny and healthy.
When choosing your shampoo and conditioner, opt for a light formula packed with oils such as jojoba oil, ar…
UNDERSTAND YOUR SKIN TYPE  Before starting a skin care it very crucial to understand your skin type. It is very essential because after knowing it  you can work out your skin and choose suitable products for your skin. The four common skin types are;  NORMAL SKIN neither oily nor dryblemishes freeappears smoothpores are barely visible  OILY SKIN shiny skinpores are enlarged produce oil around T zone and the cheek areasprone to blemishes and acnethick and coarse texturethis skin type needs cleansing again and again DRY SKIN gives rough, dry and tight touchhas very fine poresprone to peeling and crackingless elastic hence prone to fine lines and wrinkles  COMBINATION SKIN its a combination of dry and oil skinyour T zone( forehead, nose and chin) will be oily while your cheeks will be dry
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i will be speaking of what type of face cleanser to use on what type of skin. As we have previously seen different type of cleansers.It is important to cleanse your face, because if you don't do it, that is how you end up having skin acne! but are you cleansing your face PROPERLY? are you using the RIGHT one for your skin? Scroll down to find out!first lets talk about why we use cleansers? its the first step of your skin care routine and if you wear make up it entails about 2-3 products. Our skin tend to be affected by dirt, bacteria, dust and germs, therefore we need a cleansing product to take care of our a nutshell cleansing removes bacteria, dirt, excess oils and all impurity stuffs off our skin.Cleansers can penetrate deeper into the skin and remove even more things! i.e excess oils, dead skin and even clogged pores. This makes your skin nice, clean and fresh.
Lets see the types of cleansers!
BASIC SKIN CARE ROUTINE FOR GLOWING SKIN  hello guys, here are the ways to start your basic skin care kitthis routine is not biased to either oily, dry, normal or combination skin , it does not matter. Every skin needs care to glow.the most important  five skin care routine are; cleansing there are various types of cleansers depending on your skin type, we have gel cleansers, foam cleansers, lotion and milk can use any brand of your choice depending on your budget.i will talk more on which types of cleansers are beat for which type of skin on the next post. exfoliating this is an important step which removes dead skin cells from our skin. our skins have 28 days if natural skin cell circle, after every 28 days new cells are producedany type of scrub can be used at a minimum of 2 to 3 times a week, especially those who apply make up in daily basis. toningnormally cleansers throw out our pH it can be below or above the normal pH valuethe human skin has 7 pH value, a toner can…

garlic (one clove)tomato(quarter)blenderSteps;

chop tomato and toss in the blender.chop garlic and add in the blender.blend the mixture without water as much as possible,the consistency should look watery.let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.use your hands to rub the mixture all over your face.NB:Your skin should feel a burning sensation, that is how it works.let the paste stay on your face for at least 2 minutes then wash your face.this remedy can be used on the daily basis or every other day for three months.
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aloe vera creates a perfect base for your make moistures your skin as well as keeping your foundation in place.
how to use; apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel on your face and allow it to dry for a minute.let it dry before applying your make may feel sticky but it blends your make up perfectly.